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What is special about mini-posterior hip replacement surgery?

The mini-posterior approach to hip replacement surgery involves dividing the muscle by separating—not cutting—muscle fibers at the side or back of the hip. This way, a talented surgeon like Dr. Velyvis can ensure that muscle function is preserved.

What are the advantages of this type of hip replacement?

This approach also has more advantages including: there is minimal risk of femoral fracture or poor positioning of the implant because of the ease of exposure and improved visualization, there is less of a risk of blood loss, and there is less neurologic injury risk than the anterior approach. The risk of painful scars in the groin is eliminated. No specialized instruments or tables, nor x-ray radiation, are needed during the procedure with this cutting-edge approach.

Is this approach common?

It is by the far the most common approach for total hip replacements in the US and in the world because of its advantages. Research clearly shows equal recovery times and return to functional activity in patients with either posterior or anterior approach, so the safety and ease with less risk clearly makes the mini-posterior approach the choice for Dr. Velyvis.