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How is mini-incision total knee replacement surgery different than traditional knee replacement?

Mini-incision total knee arthroplasty (TKA) offers a less invasive alternative to traditional knee replacement surgery. The incision made during a mini-incision TKA does not extend as far up the quadriceps muscle as in traditional surgery, allowing patients to bend their knee more easily after the procedure.

What are some benefits of this surgery?

Additional potential benefits include smaller incisions, less disruption of tissue during surgery, and the ability to perform more rehabilitation exercises sooner after surgery. Some patients also experience less postoperative pain.

How does the surgical procedure reduce downtime?

Quad-sparing total knee arthroplasty (TKA) allows the knee joint to be replaced without cutting the quadriceps muscles or tendon, which control the bending of the knee. This means that patients experience less pain during recovery and rehabilitation and can return to daily activities faster. Other advantages of quad-sparing TKA include smaller and less conspicuous incisions, potentially less blood loss during surgery, shorter rehabilitation, and a shorter hospital stay.