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Why should I go to you rather than a surgeon at a larger hospital?

Unlike orthopedic surgeons embedded within hospitals, Dr. Velyvis can provide more personalized care to all his patients. At his private practice, there are no mid-level providers. When patients make appointments with his office, they see him.

What does private practice orthopedic care look like?

Dr. Velyvis speaks directly with patients to diagnose their orthopedic issues, answers every question, and together he and his patients develop the most appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Velyvis never prescribes a surgery to a patient. He gives each patient the best, up-to-date information on their problem, tells them about all their treatment options, describes the pros and cons, risks and benefits, and lets each individual choose what’s best for them.

His office also offers easy scheduling and a convenient location within the city.

What do other patients have to say about Dr. Velyvis?

To read real patient reviews, please visit our Testimonials page or Dr. Velyvis’ profile pages like Google.

Dr. Velyvis cares a lot about his patients well-being because he knows what it’s like to not be able to do the things you love. He incorporates state-of-the-art robotic technology into his surgical practice so he can get patients back to their lives as quickly as possible. Listen to him talk about the benefits of his surgeries below: