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Dr. Velyvis is a world’s leading expert with the robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing procedure that preserves well-functioning, disease-free parts of the knee and helps patients return to a significantly higher level of function.

What are the benefits of partial-knee resurfacing?

Unlike a total knee replacement, the robotic-assisted resurfacing preserves the ACL, PCL, and the unaffected parts of the knee.

With partial knee resurfacing, only a part of the knee joint is resurfaced through a smaller incision that would normally be used for total knee replacement. The knee joint is made up of three compartments: the patellofemoral, medial, and lateral compartments. Often, only one of these wears out—usually the medial one.

What does the surgery consist of?

With the aid of Navio, a hand-held robotic-assisted surgical instrument, Dr. Velyvis sculpts away the diseased portions of the knee so that the resurfacing implant will fit perfectly. The second-generation robotic technology gained FDA approval in 2012 and eliminates the old, large robotic arm that was used in surgeries previously. The innovative instrument also eliminates the pre-operative CT scan and the radiation that comes along with it. For trained surgeons like Dr. Velyvis, it's smaller, more powerful and even better for patients.

What are general patient outcomes like?

Many patients receiving this surgery can be treated and return home the same day. It turns what would otherwise be a long and painful recovery into a smoother, more manageable one. And, as a knee arthroplasty procedure, it is typically covered by most Medicare-approved and private health insurers. Dr. Velyvis has performed more than 700 successful surgeries since he started doing the robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing in 2008 following its FDA approval.

How do I know if it's the right procedure for me?

If you have symptoms and x-rays find that only one is worn out, this may be a good option for you. Find out more by making an appointment with Dr. Velyvis and talking to him today.

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