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What People Are Saying About Dr. Velyvis

Think about it. I was in surgery and the recovery area between noon and 4 pm. Then I was standing in line at CVS at 6. Really? Just a few short years ago this would not have been possible.
A E.
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    The best of the best of the BEST. Highly recommended.

    Jozef K.

Very experienced and helpful to the patients. He did an excellent job of my total hip replacement.

Mahendra B.
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    Recovery was quick and complete to the point, where I no longer had pain or swelling. No doubt physical therapy and continual exercise was necessary post-­op in contributing to my healing.

    Ira G.

This is an excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner. He takes the time to explain everything to you and really cares about hs patients.
Judith P.
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    He was wonderful. Clear in his explanations and diagnosis; realistic in what my treatment options are. I really appreciated it.

    Verified Patient

Great surgeon and care. Very accurate diagnosis missed by others. Perfect surgical result as predicted. I am a surgeon myself and highly recommend Dr. Velyvis.
Robert K.
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    John is a great listener and an empathetic doctor that really cares about improving your life.

    Caroline M.

Treated my son's body like it were that of his own son's.

Meike S.
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    Dr. Velyvis is a very sensitive, informative, and thoughtful professional. Both surgeries have been without complications, and recovery is straightforward and easy.

    Diana A.

Dr. Velyvis visit performed a partial knee replacement several years ago. I continue to be very happy with the results and his care of me before, during and after. I would highly recommend him.
Laurie C.
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    Very pragmatic, honest, caring, and willing to go the extra mile. Highly recommend. Extremely responsive and knowledgeable.

    Noor S.